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Though Commercial Auto Policies may sound self-explanatory, it's important to note that, under Non-Owned Auto Coverage, even employees driving their own vehicles for the job are covered. Different vehicle classes have different kinds of protection, and car dealers and repair shops aren't covered. 

Comprehensive and collision cover damages to your vehicle, minus the deductible, when you are in an accident and it is your fault.

Uninsured motorist covers your vehicle in the event you are in an accident, it's the other person's fault, and he or she does not have the insurance necessary to cover your damages. 

Emergency Roadside Assistance assists you when your vehicle has an issue of the side of the road, such as a lockout or flat tire, similar to AAA. 

Motor Truck Cargo covers the cargo you are carrying, minus the deductible, required by most clients. 

General liability coverage, also known as slip-and-fall coverage, covers injuries to others or damage to their property (not relating to your business vehicle) caused by your business. 

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