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  1. Premises Liability: This is basically "customer slip-and-fall" coverage. If an occurrence takes place at the site of the business' operations, it is covered.

  2. Operations Liability: This covers off-site occurrences, such as a plumber damaging a costumer's home, or a contractor accidently injuring a client at the client's office.

  3. Completed Operations Liability: This is similar to Operations Liability, except it covers occurrences that take place after the work is completed.

  4. Products Liability: This one is pretty simple. If your product injures someone or damages their property, then this is an essential part of the policy.

  5. Independent Contractor's Liability: This covers occurrences resulting from the negligence of independent contractors that you hire.

  6. Contractual Liability: This is when you sign a contract and the other party requires you to assume certain liabilities and "hold them harmless."

  7. Fire Legal Liability: This covers fire damage to a rented space when the tenant is at fault.

  8. Personal Injury Liability: This covers things that harm a third party without causing them bodily injury, such as libel, slander, false arrest, or violation of civil rights.

  9. Advertising Injury: This is necessary for circumstances where a business infringes upon or improperly uses another business' copyright, logo, or other intellectual property. 

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